Mind Play Study Guide

Ready take your erotic hypnosis skills to another level? Are you looking for the right foundation for an erotic hypnosis study group? Maybe you're part of a local erotic hypnosis community group, or want to start one. The Mind Play Study Guide is designed to get you there.

Inside this 400-page text book are 27 self-contained lessons, each in a different aspect of erotic hypnosis.

  • For beginners, there are individual lessons on Erotic Hypnosis 101, easy-to-learn starter inductions, depth, suggestion language, triggers, modalities, and more
  • For those who already have some knowledge or experience, there are intermediate-level lessons on testing and convincers, confusion inductions, fractionation, instant inductions, and hypnotic favorites you can adapt and make your own
  • For more experienced hypnotists, there are chapters on advanced topics like consensual non-consent, co-topping, and mutual hypnosis
  • For everyone, there is an entire series of lessons focused on Kinky Human Tricks to fuel your imagination

The Mind Play Study Guide contains over 20 different inductions, over 30 different things to do with your hypnotized partner, and hundreds of assorted tips, tricks, and ideas you can use to take your erotic hypnosis experiences to the next level.

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Also available in ebook (Kindle) form from the Kindle Store.


  1. Why has this not been released on Nook through Barnes and Noble yet? I have purchased Mind Play. I would like to purchase its companion in a digital format also but I want to keep them together.

    1. My experience with the first Mind Play book was that B&N accounted for less than 2 percent of all sales, which made it hard to justify doing all the reformatting work to meet their requirements. Smashwords was even more difficult to work with for only slightly more sales. So, since 95 percent of the readers were getting it through Amazon anyway, I enrolled the Study Guide in Kindle Unlimited. That requires the book to remain exclusively on Amazon.


  2. Thank for this book... it and the Mind Play Guide have opened the door to immeasurable pleasure for me. Reading now with interest aroused :)