Saturday, June 29, 2013

Coming soon

People often ask me, "What book(s) are out there to help people learn about erotic hypnosis?"  Often the person asking is a local community leader who is getting asked by people in the community and wants to be able to give them a good answer.

Coming soon, I will have one. Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis is a genuine how-to manual on erotic hypnosis written primarily for the hypnokink community.  It contains 220 pages of material taken from presentations I've done at NEEHU, Dark Odyssey, and other functions.

Inside you'll find:

  • Hypnosis 101 -- For those who are new, a primer on what erotic hypnosis is, how it is used, and basic tips on safety, ethics, and developing your own hypnotic voice and style.
  • There and Back Again -- Inductions and deepeners anyone can learn to use.  This is more than just a list of scripts, though; I explain how each induction actually works so that you understand why you would choose one induction over another, and I give variations.  There is also a discussion of what "depth" really means and how you can test to gauge whether you're being successful.
  • The Power of Suggestion -- A detailed discussion of how to formulate hypnotic suggestions.  You'll learn about direct and indirect suggestion, Ericksonian language patterns, and common suggestions used in all kinds of contexts.
  • Kinky Human Tricks -- Most hypnosis books leave it up to you to figure out what to do with your partner once they're in trance.  Not this one.  In this chapter you'll learn how I do some of the most asked-about erotic hypnosis techniques:  creating arousal and desire, sensation play, hypnotic role play, freeze/puppet/mannequin/robot play, hypno-bondage/tickling/flogging, memory play, and of course multiple ways to give someone a hypnotic orgasm, including my Five-Point Palm Exploding Orgasm Technique.
  • Resources -- Once you've absorbed everything in Mind Play, you'll need tips on where to go for more learning, more practice, and more fun.  This chapter recommends further reading resources and talks about local erotic hypnosis groups and events.
If you want to be an erotic hypnotist, this book will teach you how to be a skilled and responsible one.  If you want to be the one being hypnotized, Mind Play will teach you what to look for in a hypno-dominant and provide advice on staying safe as you play.

I expect Mind Play to be on sale on and the CreateSpace eStore by July 15th -- sooner if I can make it happen. It will also be available in ebook form soon after the print version goes on sale.  If you are the leader of a local erotic hypnosis group, email me about receiving a free print edition copy for your group.


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