Sunday, November 1, 2015

WEEHU 2015 Highlights

WEEHU 2015 was, as always, amazing.  The only reason it's taken me this long to write about it is other commitments, many of which are far less fun.

This year's WEEHU featured a new venue, still in the San Francisco area but outside of downtown, and followed the everything-under-one-roof model that MEEHU made popular.  I am a huge fan of that model because it's extremely convenient.

Dani and I flew in Thursday to make sure we wouldn't have a repeat of last year, when I missed the first two classes I was supposed to teach because of flight delays.  Despite having an early afternoon flight we still managed to get held up enough that we missed the "early bird" dinner, but there were friends all over and it was a good pre-WEEHU evening.

Friday was a day for teaching and meeting the many new people who were enjoying their first WEEHU.  I got to open the educational part of the weekend with my "The Art of Teaching," the class about teaching classes, and then moved on to team up with LeeAllure in a workshop on mutual hypnosis.  I had a brief break and then did "Kinky Human Tricks," which is still my favorite class because it never fails to be different each time.

The Friday night play party was a low-key affair.  The organizers arranged for separate play areas for noisier/higher-intensity play (which was where the dungeon equipment was located) and quieter play or aftercare, and that formula seems to work very well.  There was more socializing going on that first night than overt public play, at least in the open areas, so it was easy to float around and mix with people.  I took an hour shift as a Dungeon Monitor on the quieter (mostly hypnoplay) side and there was no drama.

By Saturday WEEHU was in full swing.  The classrooms were packed and the hallways jammed with happy people.  I had a full room for "Erotic Hypnosis 101" and then a free period, which I ended up spending with a couple I met in the 101 who had questions and wanted a private hypnosis session for the submissive, which I was happy to do.  Next I joined  LizziDoll, DJ Pynchon, ZanyMo, and Shaman58 for EnScenic's Erotic Writers' Panel, which was all kinds of fun, and then taught "Use Your Words" to an appreciative group.  After a little more one-on-one coaching Dani and I had dinner and hustled back.

Saturday night started for me my first-ever room trance.  I'd seen them done before, but this was the first time I'd led one myself.  We had a little trouble getting the group assembled -- a combination of late returns from dinner and confusion over where the room trance would be -- but we overcame that and got going in earnest.

I'm a big believer in negotiation and consent, so before doing the actual trance I made full disclosure of what the nature of the suggestions would be and what I expected of those who chose not to participate in the trance (basically, not to disrupt or interfere).  I asked for consent for touch, as I often use touch in erotic trances, and gave out pink ribbons for people who preferred not to be touched to remind me of that.  Then I went around the room asking for positive consent for the trance as described from each participant and started the actual session.

One of the challenges of hypnotizing a bunch of people together is that you can't stop, rewind, or adjust to each individual the way you can one-on-one.  One way to compensate is to do extra deepening so the ones who are less responsive to the induction can have a little more time to settle into trance; the risk of that is that some people may get overly zonked in the process.  I started with an overload style induction based on the "Nine things" formula I outline in The Mind Play Study Guide and then spent a few minutes in improvised deepening to help the stragglers catch up.  I went around and gave a few people shoulder touches to help drop them down and noted that most of the group looked like they were in a good place to continue.

For the suggestion part of the trance, I started by suggesting a sense of mental openness, in which they felt their minds opening up to the idea of accepting suggestions.  Since there tend to be a lot of Doctor Who fans in an *EHU audience, I brought up the concept of the Zero Room as a place of safety, where the mind can be at complete peace, defenses down.  Then I invited them to imagine the patterns of neurons in their own brains firing in sequences, lighting up and going dim, creating constantly-changing patterns -- a sort of imaginary eye fixation intended to get them focused internally.

From there, I transitioned into eliciting a general state of arousal and openness to pleasure.  We increased that gradually, just until I could see some signs of arousal in a few of the higher-responding participants, then mixed in related emotions like lust, pleasure, excitement, and sexiness.  Next, I suggested that in addition to having these feelings my participants could become highly attuned to those same feelings and emotions in the people around them.  I brought in another geeky reference:  the way a Cylon's spine glows with energy when they become aroused (this is from the remade Battlestar Galactica, of course), and suggested that the spine, which connects the brain with the body, can be like a highly sensitive antenna, picking up on the sexual energies in the area and transmitting those to your own brain, so that each person can share in the sexual energies of those around them, becoming aroused whenever they are near people who are aroused, and then in turn transmitting that to others.  We kept on that theme for a few minutes, creating in each person's mind that concept that for the rest of WEEHU their antenna was active, and that they would feel arousal, pleasure, excitement, etc. from being in the vicinity of others who felt those things.  I also added in that this could give them the freedom to explore, to play, to experiment with things they were curious about, always within their personal limits.

Then, while they absorbed and acted on that (and I could see them feeding off each other's arousal and pleasure, which was a good sign), I gave them suggestions about readily absorbing and internalizing the information and techniques they were learning in their classes, so that the material is easy to recall and use whenever they need it.  Finally, I brought my group back still feeling that general sense of arousal, and basked in their happy smiles.

The room trance went really well, and people told me they enjoyed it a great deal.  (If you're an *EHU organizer reading this, I would love to do that again in the future!)

I did another tour of DM duty during the Saturday night party.  It was a very easy, pleasant duty because everyone was well-behaved and considerate of everyone else, at least on my end (the quiet end).  I didn't hear of any incidents in the high-intensity areas, so I'm forced to conclude that *EHU goers are awesome.  One thing that was particularly interesting to witness, while on duty, was a negotiation for someone's first rope scene.  The negotiation was textbook, covering all of her questions and defining what the scene would be about -- a combination of rope and trance -- and the scene itself was extremely well conducted.

Sunday brought more classes, some of which were new for me.  First thing I got to team up with my friend Dr. Headcrash for a class on resistance play.  Headcrash and I come at it from different angles, so being able to combine our perspectives and provide several short, hot demos in the process made for a riveting class.  We will do this one again at Charmed! in January.

Another new class, which I developed at panavatar's request, was one on hypnotic anesthesia and sensation play.  It went very well; I had a great volunteer to demo with and the audience had lots of great questions and thoughts.

After the community leaders' roundtable, Dani and I got together to teach about dual inductions. There wasn't a lot of enthusiasm for breaking up into small groups, so we had a few people come up and practice it in front of the audience.  One of our demo volunteers was the person who'd had that rope scene the night before; when it was her turn to be the hypnotee, I whispered a few hints to one of the volunteer hypnotists about reminding her of that experience, and the results were very satisfying all around.  I love it when stuff like that happens!

For the last class period of WEEHU, panavatar and I teamed up for another new class that we developed together:  "Hypnotizing Your Dom as a Form of Service".  It's a topic I've been asked about at other events and it was a pleasure to present on it with panavatar, who has a lot of natural talent.  We talked about the ways a submissive can effectively do hypnosis, with permission and consent, from the bottom without disrupting the power dynamic of the relationship.  I could see people were struggling a little with how to apply it, so I put Dani on the spot and asked her to join me in a demo.  She did beautifully, as I knew she would, and the demo made the material gel for a lot of people.  It was a great final class, and one that panavatar and I will definitely do again.

Sunday evening we had a group dinner at a Chinese restaurant, where I shared a table with Dani, Lizzidoll, and several new friends.  We got to hear a repeat of the hypnotic musical induction composed and performed Friday night for DJ Pynchon, which was awesome, and generally enjoy the company of the con-goers.  After dinner we went back to the con hotel for some unofficial play time.  I had a particularly enjoyable scene with someone from the local area and was in the hallway to enjoy GirlFriday's live rendition of her original song, "You're a Terrible Slut."

I went to bed ridiculously late and got up ridiculously early (for a 6am flight); the Sunday night low-key play was still going on at 4am when Dani and I were leaving the hotel, which gave us a chance to say goodbye to some people before hitting the road ourselves.  We even got a micro-dose of WEEHU closure at the airport, when we ran into KalypsoScreams in the terminal.  Then it was back to the mundane world, for now.

This was a great WEEHU for me.  I got to teach some new material, to team up with people I admire and enjoy being with, and to do some one-on-one work and play with exciting and fun people.  If you haven't been to an *EHU yet, you're missing out on a lot.  Just sayin'.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Coming This Fall

There's a lot going on in the next few months.  Here are some highlights:

Mind Play, the Event

Happening September 19th in Minneapolis, MN and organized by The FOCUS Group, the Minneapolis/St. Paul erotic hypnosis group (FetLife link).

For this event I'll be doing an extended version of my "Kinky Human Tricks" presentation, which is focused on all the fun, sexy, cool things you can do with someone after you get them into trance.  I'll also be autographing books for anyone who asks and taking part in the dinner and play party after the presentation.  It's going to be a lot of fun.

WEEHU 2015

WEEHU is coming to Belmont, CA this coming Columbus Day weekend (October 9-11).  It's a new venue, with everything happening in one place, and that's exciting!  My lovely bride Dani and I will be co-presenting on dual inductions, and I'm also hatching plans to co-teach a class on resistance play with Dr. Headcrash, which is something I'm really jazzed about doing.

You can still get tickets for WEEHU from their registration site, but hotel space is very short.  You might want to do it quickly.

Charmed! 2016

Registration is now open for Charmed!, a new erotic hypnosis event happening in Baltimore this coming January 15-17.  The event is sponsored by Black Rose and the DC area Black Rose Hypnosis SIG, who invited me to join the organizing team.  

Charmed! will feature classes, play time, and plenty of opportunities to practice what you learn.  I'm looking now for people who'd like to present for us, so contact me on Fetlife or through the Charmed! website Presenters page.

Registration for Charmed! closes December 31, so register and book your hotel rooms now.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Recap and Looking Forward

It was a very busy weekend for me in my Bruce Wayne identity, but the highlight of my weekend had to be "More Than Meets the Eye," the class I gave for NELA and NEHG-Boston on Saturday evening.

The class was about hypnotic transformations -- taking a willing hypnotee and temporarily turning them into someone or something else.  There are some classic transformation types such as bimbo/dumb jock, robot, doll, animals and such that are very popular, so I went into a fair level of detail on the sorts of things one needs to consider when turning a partner into these things and what types of suggestions work well.  Then, it was demo time.  I was expecting to do some basic animal, robot, and maybe bimbo transformations.  My audience surprised me in delightful, happy ways.

My first volunteer asked to become an action figure; in the process of designing the character for this action figure -- a super-villainess named Dramatic Pause, thanks to some creative suggestions from my audience -- I forgot to make her a doll and instead she actually became Dramatic Pause, with a distinctive speech pattern and commanding demeanor.  We played out a scene in which she was interviewing a candidate (me) for a lead henchman position, only to throw me over in favor of VulpineSpike, who put on a very impressive dance performance on her command.  (I should note for the record that VulpineSpike was NOT hypnotized as part of this.  He actually is an impressive dancer.)

Next, we had fun turning another volunteer into a mannequin, posing her a few ways, and slinging an extra jacket over her shoulders for effect.

The last demo -- and it's a good thing it was last, because I don't know how we could have followed it -- my volunteer was a little unsure of what she wanted to play.  We were sort of thinking cat, sort of thinking bimbo, but she wanted to be tough and smart and slutty rather than dumb.  Thanks to some input from our audience she became Knight, a hard-drinking, hard-talking, slutty fighter pilot determined to get a promotion by coming on to her squad commander (me) and then leaving him high and dry once he caved in.  Knight played her role beautifully, bragging about her combat prowess and high scores on the strategy exams, the moving on to her sexual conquests of Klingon women.  When the squad commander questioned her talents compared to the Klingon women's, Knight pulled down her top and put two of her outstanding "talents" on display, thus winning the promotion.

(Side note:  Knight's "talents" is now a fetish on FetLife.)

We had an awesome time all around.  NELA and NEHG did a great job of putting this on and taking care of the logistics.

Schedule Changes

The event at the Society that had been tentatively planned for Labor Day weekend has been postponed until next year some time, so that will not be happening yet.  However, I am now booked to do an appearance at the FOCUS Group in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday, September 19th.  By request of the group I'll be doing an extended version of Kinky Human Tricks.  There is a teaser post on FetLife which will be followed by details.

And of course I'll also be at WEEHU 2015 in October!


Saturday, July 18, 2015

More Than Meets the Eye this August

On Saturday, August 8th, I'm doing a special appearance sponsored by the New England Leather Alliance and the New England Hypnosis Group, a NELA SIG.  I love to do things with NELA and the New England group, so I'm really looking forward to this one.

The name of the class is More Than Meets the Eye; it's a class on the basics of how to do safe, fun hypnotic transformations -- using hypnosis to turn your willing partner into someone or something else.  I'll be covering a variety of things to consider when doing transformations, including defining the behaviors, features and limits of the new form; keeping control of the environment while playing; and transforming your partner back into their original form when the scene is done. Of course there will be demonstrations, in which members of the audience will have a chance to volunteer to be transformed into a robot, bimbo/dumb jock, vampire, animal, or whatever their imagination conjures up and play a negotiated scene.  There will be time at the end for open discussion, and I'll have copies of my books Mind Play and The Mind Play Study Guide on hand for anyone who would like a signed copy.

Since this is a somewhat advanced topic, we'll start with a Hypnosis 101 presentation by PhotoJoseph, the leader of NEHG.  There will be food and plenty of opportunity to meet, greet, and take questions.

Tickets are on sale at the NELA website (

Friday, June 19, 2015

Upcoming Appearances

The new book is out the door, and now so am I.  The next few weeks are going to be very busy, in fun ways.

First up comes Dark Odyssey: Fusion.  I've been invited to teach 4 classes in erotic hypnosis at Fusion this year, so I'll be there for most of the 4-day weekend.  My new friends at Passional Boutique will have copies of The Mind Play Study Guide for sale at their vendor tent.

Next comes TESfest over the July 4th weekend.  I won't be able to be there, but there will be a lot of awesome erotic hypnosis going on courtesy of ZanyMo, MrDream, and others they've recruited.  There will also be copies of Mind Play and The Mind Play Study Guide on sale there thanks to TES being so wonderful.

Then, July 9-11, it's off to Chicago for MEEHU 2.  I'm teaching a bunch of classes there, some for the first time, and of course I'll be signing books for people on request.

I'm really excited about all of this and looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can out there.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Study Guide Release Date

The Mind Play Study Guide is just days away from release.  The Kindle edition is available now for pre-order and will ship out on Monday, June 15th.  The print edition is already available for order on Amazon.

Inside this 400-page textbook are 27 self-contained lessons on the art of erotic hypnosis, ranging from the very basic Erotic Hypnosis 101 to advanced topics like mutual hypnosis and co-topping.  Here is a look at the Table of Contents:

  1. Welcome
  2. Tips for Presenters

    The Basics
  3. Erotic Hypnosis 101
  4. Safety and Ethics
  5. Starter Inductions
  6. Going Deeper
  7. The Language of Suggestion
  8. Fun with Modalities
  9. Your Hypnotic Self
  10. Being the Hypnotee

    The Next Level
  11. Testing and Convincers
  12. Confusion Inductions
  13. Setting and Using Triggers
  14. Fractionation
  15. Instant Inductions
  16. Hypnotic Favorites
  17. Long Distance Hypnosis
  18. More Inductions

    Kinky Human Tricks
  19. Arousal and Desire
  20. Sensation Play
  21. Hypno-BDSM
  22. Doll Play
  23. Memory Play
  24. Transformations
  25. Hypnotic Orgasms

    Advanced Lessons
  26. Dual Inductions and Co-Topping
  27. Consensual Non-Consent
  28. The Esdaile State
  29. Where to Go From Here

  30. Notes on the Discussion Points

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Mind Play Study Guide

I'm almost finished with my next big project:  The Mind Play Study Guide.

This 400-page book expands on the material in Mind Play, adding new techniques, new topics, and new approaches that I've picked up in the two years since the first book came out.  Much of the new material is geared toward intermediate and advanced hypnotists and hypnotees.

Each chapter in the Study Guide is a self-contained lesson on one aspect of erotic hypnosis including presenter notes, discussion questions, and exercises to practice the skills in the chapter.  If you are looking for a textbook to learn erotic hypnosis, this format will serve you well because you can take the book at your own pace and know that each new chapter stands apart from the others.

If you are part of a local erotic hypnosis community group, the Study Guide is designed to make your life easier by providing presentation content.  If you need a topic for an upcoming meeting, or your planned presenter has to cancel on short notice, you can pick a lesson from the Study Guide and have a one-hour Wiseguy class by proxy.  There's even a lesson on teaching skills, based on my "The Art of Teaching Hypnosis" class.

The Study Guide format also lends itself to use by a study group, of course.  Group members can review the chapter, then meet to compare thoughts, talk over the discussion questions, and do the exercises to practice those new skills right away.

The Mind Play Study Guide will be available in paperback and Kindle editions.  Kindle Unlimited subscribers will be able to read the book as part of their KU subscription and it will be listed in the Kindle Online Lending Library.  Barring unexpected complications, it should go on sale in June.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

NEEHU 6 Recap

NEEHU 6 took place a couple of weeks ago at The Society in Hartford.

What can I say about NEEHU that hasn't already been said?  Probably not much.  Each NEEHU is an experience to cherish.  For me it's all about reconnecting with my community friends, making new community friends, teaching, playing, and doing my Hypno Obi-wan thing.

This year I also had another goal:  to help inspire and recruit more new people to present.  Toward that end, I solicited people to co-present two of my beginner-level classes and reached out to a few people afterward about joining the presenter ranks in the future.

Here's the day-by-day:


Dani, our friend MissIsis, and I journeyed up the highway by day and made reasonable time getting to the Hyatt House.  Familiar faces were already congregating in the lobby, along with one face I knew from online but hadn't actually met yet:  Lex, of Entrancement UK.  I took advantage of the opportunity to introduce myself and chat him up a bit; Lex is a great guy, and we hit it off right away.

There was no organized plan for Thursday night, so Dani and I went out to eat and pick up a few things for the weekend and called it an early night.


NEEHU started for real Friday morning.  We had breakfast in the common room at the Hyatt House among friends, with lots of hugs and hellos, and made our way to The Society.  One of the benefits of the expanded schedule (classes all day Friday through Sunday) was that I had more uncommitted time slots to play with, and one of those happened to be the first one of the day.  So I took my time getting badged and got a chance to get better acquainted with D'Artagnan, part of the New York contingent.

My first class was "The Art of Teaching Hypnosis" at 11am, part of the campaign to recruit and inspire new presenters.  We had a good turnout and the class went well.  After class I spent some time with friends Autumn (HypnoTy) and Fraulein among others, which was fun.

Next up, after lunch, came "Kinky Human Tricks."  I love doing this class, but for NEEHU 6 we changed up the format a bit and added two co-presenters:  my old friend AmHypnotic and Lex.  We switched up the format a bit:  instead of doing a wider variety of tricks, we picked a topic and then each demonstrated something to be done with that topic.  We covered less ground laterally, but more depth.

Given the environment, I felt a desire to experiment so I asked Daja to join me for a doll scene that I'd been wanting to do since the Fetish Fair Flea.  She was game, so I dropped her into trance and turned Daja into my ventriloquist's dummy.  My idea was to get Daja, who is well known for her talents as a brat, wisecracking and making fun of me.  It didn't actually turn out very well; I hadn't really considered that Daja, while she is always up for a little playful fun, really doesn't do rude, and asking her to make fun of someone she knows and is friendly with was asking too much.  Still, it was a very interesting game to play; I just need to work on my technique and choose a better way to get the response that I want.

Other than that learning opportunity, the class went very well.  Lex and AmHypnotic have very different styles from mine, so the variety of approaches was highly entertaining.  They also have delightfully wicked, playful senses of humor (something I can appreciate) that came out during the various demos.  As we were running low on time, I spied Unidragon at the back of the room and invited her to come up for a demo of my famous Five-Point Palm Exploding Orgasm Technique.  We did the technique and then, because I know she loves to play with this sort of thing, I deliberately suggested that her own subconscious would decide exactly when that trigger would wear off.  She had no conscious idea of what her subconscious had decided, so of course we had to test it periodically throughout the weekend.  (So far we know that it lasted at least through the end of NEEHU.)

Next, I was scheduled for a mentored trance practice.  At first I was the only hypnotist there, but I was soon joined by WhisperOfPleasure so we were able to work with several people right up to the start of the Meet 'n' Greet.  By then Dani had joined me (she was unable to attend during the day because of another commitment) so we had fun with friends, watched Daja eat strawberries (an inside joke), and socialized until dinner.

After dinner was the Friday night party, which this year was themed A Taste of Hypnokink.  Dani and I were on duty in the back room doing dual inductions, as were our friends DJ Pynchon and WildNutmeg.  Dani and I gave several people tastes of the dual induction technique, and then had some time to play around a little ourselves.  I borrowed WildNutmeg to give Dani a dual induction and erotic trance, then we returned the favor by doing the same for WildNutmeg.  Another friend came by with his partner to have me do a dual induction with him for her, and we made sure that she enjoyed it fully.  Later on, LeadPrism and I performed a dual induction and suggestion session with SashasTrance which brought joy to my auditory heart.  ;^)

We stayed busy enough that we missed all of the other scenes and group trances that were done during the party, but I wouldn't have missed any of the scenes we did for anything.


Saturday started slowly for me; we barely made it to the Society in time for the 10am classes. Fraulein was ready for "Erotic Hypnosis 101." I'd chosen Fraulein a random from a number of volunteers, and as luck would have it she was an excellent choice.  She brought the perspective of an empowered, experienced bottom into the class and added a lot; the biggest problem we had was keeping to time (we had to rush the demo).

Right after that, my friend and graduated student CalamityBrain joined me to present "Your Hypnotic Self," a class for beginning hypnotists on developing their own voice and style.  Calamity is a professional voice actress, so she was able to provide a lot of good advice on vocal training and care, and again we found ourselves running short on time before material.  Which is always better than the alternative.

The third Saturday slot was free for me, so I took advantage of the chance to see Mr. Dream and D'Artagnan do their talk on "Making Mistakes Work for You."  They had great chemistry and a good crowd, and the class went extremely well.

After lunch it was time for "Subtle Suggestion," the class on using NLP with erotic hypnosis.  I've now given this MEEHU, WEEHU, and NEEHU plus a separate night at The Society in October and it's still popular.  Unidragon was on hand, so I picked on her to be my demo volunteer (unsurprisingly, all I had to do was ask).  In the process she acquired another trigger, one that causes an intense burst of arousal, and for the fun of it I again gave her subconscious mind control over how long that trigger would continue to work for me.  (Again, at least through Sunday.)

Thanks to the expanded schedule, I had three hours before I had to teach again.  I'd planned on observing some other classes, but as often happens at NEEHU plans change.  I ended up working with some people individually, doing some coaching and mentoring, and only actually made it to Daja and SpiralTurquoise's class on "Hypnotizing a Brat."  That was a highly entertaining presentation with a lot of good material in it.

My last class of the day was "What's Depth Got to Do With It?"  This was a new class for NEEHU, taking the concept of depth and reframing it a bit.  I've done classes before on why depth is overrated, and on how to get someone really, really deep; this one was about how to determine whether someone is responsive enough and able to do a given type of suggestion by using 'trial balloon' suggestions as simple tools.  My demo volunteer was Amitus, who dropped so deeply right off the bat that it made the demo look easy.  Not that there's anything wrong with that!

After dinner came the play party.  The Saturday party is open to all Society members, so it tends to be loud, crowded, and mostly focused on non-hypnotic BDSM play.  Dani and I put in an appearance, spent some quality geek time with HypnoMaestro and SpiralTurquoise, but found very little hypnosis going on and called it a night.


Lots of people were a little slow getting started Sunday, as is often the case.  Quite a few people turned up at 10am for mentored trance practice, though; luckily for me a few hypnotists did as well, so we were able to work with pretty much everyone who came.  There were some really satisfying breakthroughs for people, which always makes me very happy.

My 11am period was free and I had intended to go to a discussion panel, but I ended up instead doing an impromptu demonstration of the Esdaile state with Daja in the unconference space.  It was definitely time well spent.  By the time I had Daja awake enough to be functional (which is about as good as you can get on Sunday of NEEHU) it was time for the Writer's Roundtable.  Chewtoy and DreamsOfControl were unable to be there, so SpiralTurqoise and I led the discussion together.  We spent most of the time discussing fiction writing techniques and tips, and the group seemed to get a lot out of it.

The last class period of the day I had the "Induction Swap Meet," which is designed to be a see-one/do-one exchange of people's favorite inductions.  We had a good turnout for this one, and there were several interesting techniques brought out for the group.  I especially liked D'Artagnan's, which involved an imaginary, moving fixation object.  I think we also found a new Fet name for one of the attendees, who invented on the spot an induction he called "Mind Finger."  (Cue the James Bond music ... now!)  At the end I got to demonstrate a non-verbal induction with SuzanneSxySadist, someone I always want to see more of at these things.

Usually my NEEHU ends with the last class on Sunday, but this year Dani had to fly home early (and we are both grateful to DaSade for getting her to the airport while I was teaching) and I did not want to sit around by myself, so I joined the mass invasion of the Chinese restaurant near the Hyatt House. The staff was overwhelmed as usual, but it was nice to hang out with PhotoJoseph, BostonBond, MissIsis, and others.

I couldn't participate in the traditional Sunday night hot tub hang-out, so I went directly to the volunteer suite where I met up with Lex, Lizzidoll, and several others to start the post-NEEHU party there.  There were hijinks aplenty in that suite as more and more people arrived, and once there were a number of willing volunteers around I played a game I'd been hatching in my head since clean-up time.

First, I took Lizzidoll down into a nice, deep trance state and stood her up.  Then I walked her around to several other people and just had her stare into their eyes while in trance.  One by one, my volunteers locked eyes with Lizzidoll and faded into trance.  (There's an actual scientific reason for this, by the way -- mirror neurons, the bits in the brain that allow us to imitate behavior to learn.  They fire off all the time when we observe things, so when we stare down someone who is already in trance part of our brain automatically starts to follow them in.)  It was ridiculously hot and fun to watch.  Then, for the fun of it, I woke Lizzidoll and showed her the results of her handiwork:  five deeply hypnotized people just standing around, still and quiet.  And then, since she had done the hypnotizing, I had Lizzidoll walk around and bring everyone back out.

Listening to Lizzidoll's voice as she brought the others out of trance inspired a slightly selfish impulse on my part.  I dropped Lizzidoll again, then suggested that she lock eyes with me, and when my eyes closed she would emerge from trance and take over.  I was actually surprised at how deeply I dropped, even knowing how the technique works, and I quite enjoyed having Lizzidoll's deliciously sexy voice (and British accent) in my ear as she let me drift for a minute or so before bringing me back up.  The joy in her face, and in her voice as she told Lex how she had dropped Wiseguy, made this little game the highlight of my NEEHU.

There were many more hijinks to be had, and I stayed up way too late, which made for a very happy Wiseguy.


I set the alarm early for Monday so I would have time to gather my things and get on the road.  Lex had mentioned that he and Lizzidoll would be leaving around 8, so I made sure to be down in time to say goodbye.  There were many hugs, and a little more hypnotic horseplay (not literally), and every time I started to go back upstairs more people came down to say goodbye to.

Finally I did make it back upstairs long enough to throw my stuff into the suitcase and load it into the car.  MissIsis and I were joined by SashasTrance, who needed to be in Baltimore for a few days, so the trip home was fun and full of great talk and companionship.

Let's see, MEEHU is what?  4 months away?  Hurry up!!

Rules are rules ... except when they're wrong

I actually posted this to FetLife in August 2014, in response to a lot of (sometimes heated) dialog concerning the list of "rules" in Mind Play.  After some prodding from one of the discussion participants as to why there was no errata in the book yet, I realized I really should have put this on this blog as well.

Also, there will be a corrected edition of Mind Play eventually.  The way I originally formatted the manuscript is making unnecessarily time-consuming to fix all of the print and ebook editions.  We will get there, though.


Rules are rules ... except when they're wrong

As I write this, my book Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis is 13 months old. The reception has been everything I could have wished for and more, and I can't tell you how grateful I am to the community for embracing the work.

One of the perils of being your own editor is that you become blind to some of the little mistakes in your own text. Over the year I've become aware of a couple of typos, a missing word, and a problem with formatting for night mode in the Kindle edition. All of this is pretty minor and can wait for a revised edition to be fixed.

There's one thing, though, that really can't wait and shouldn't have waited this long. On pages 47-49 (print and PDF editions) is a list of rules entitled Wiseguy's Guide to Ethical Hypnotic Play. The first item in the rules list for hypnotees is:

You have an obligation to disclose your true biological age and sex to the hypnotist before there is any agreement to play.

This one sentence has caused a lot of grief, outrage, and some harm -- or at least an excuse for others to do harm -- to members of the transgender, genderqueer and genderfluid communities. There are those who see it as a license to persecute people, which by extension means I must be sanctioning that kind of behavior. Some people that I greatly respect and admire were among those hurt by the wording, in ways that I never anticipated or expected anyone would be.

For a year I've been quiet about this publicly because if I learned anything from reading reviews it's that there's no way an author can respond to a negative comment without making things worse. Some have concluded that I must be anti-trans/queer/fluid myself, which anyone who knows me well can refute but that shouldn't be their job. The arguments get emotional very quickly, and it's easy to get mired in perceived accusations and insults to the point where the real issue gets obscured: that the rule as written is harsh and wrong and potentially harmful.

There are non-bigoted reasons for the rule, which I won't go into because it would sound too much like justification. If I had it to do over again, I would rewrite the rule to say something like this:

Before engaging in sexually explicit play, you have a responsibility to ensure that everyone involved meets the legal age of consent in all of the localities and to discuss what sexually explicit terms are most appropriate for each person.

Despite the poor wording in the original, the spirit of the rule has always been be honest. Erotic hypnosis is about trust and communication, so all parties in the scene should be willing to trust and to communicate honestly. If they're not, engaging in hypno play is probably unwise altogether.

I don't know when there will be a revised edition of Mind Play -- I don't want to be like a certain RPG publisher who seems to put out a new edition every time sales for the current one slow down -- but when I do you can expect to see that new wording, or something similar to it that's been vetted by friends in the community, in place of the old. If you're one of those who read the original wording and was outraged, offended, saddened, or harmed, all I can say is that I'm sorry and that was never my intent.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

NEEHU 6 preview

NEEHU 6 is almost here, and it's going to be awesome.

This year's NEEHU features an expanded schedule, with classes all day on Friday as well as the usual Saturday and Sunday.  With more class slots to fill, the organizers have been exerting themselves to get new topics on the schedule and new presenters into the fold.

My contribution to that new-blood effort was to take on some co-presenters.

  • Fraulein Fuksalot will be joining me for Erotic Hypnosis 101 (Saturday 10am).  She will bring an experienced bottom's perspective to the class.
  • Calamity Brain will be my co-presenter for Your Hypnotic Self (Saturday 11am).  She is a self-taught hypnotist who became professionally certified last year as part of my inaugural NGH training class and brings a lot to the table.  
  • For Kinky Human Tricks (Friday 2pm), I'll be sharing the stage with AmHypnotic (aka "Connecticut Pete"), Lex of Entrancement UK, and probably a number of demo volunteers.
Aside from these, I'll be doing a few classes by myself still:
  • The Art of Teaching Hypnosis, Friday at 11am
  • Subtle Suggestion, Saturday at 2pm
  • What's Depth Got To Do With It?, Saturday at 6pm
  • Induction Swap Meet, Sunday at 3pm
I'll also be doing Mentored Trance Practice sessions on Friday at 4pm and Sunday at 10am and participating in the Writer's Roundtable on Sunday at noon.  

This is actually a pretty light schedule for me, which means I'll have more time than I usually do to take in other peoples' classes, socialize, and be available for people who want individual coaching or play time.  I'm looking forward to that.

See you in Hartford!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Erotic Hypnosis at the Fetish Fair Flea

Besides Valentine's Day, this weekend is also the date for NELA's Fetish Fair Fleamarket in Warwick, RI.  In addition to the usual dizzying array of vendors and community groups in attendance, this year's Flea will also have an Erotic Hypnosis track among the classes.

Here's the lineup:

The weather forecast for this weekend in New England is nasty, but I hope you'll come join us.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Professional Hypnotherapy Training, 2015

That's right ... he's doing it again!  The professional certification course I gave in the fall went so well that I've decided to offer it again this spring.

The course is a 100-hour distance learning course in professional hypnotherapy.  At the end of the course those who complete the final (a practical exam/exercise, not a written test) will become professionally certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists.  NGH certification is the most widely recognized professional hypnosis credentials in the field.

Whether you've been hypnotizing people for years or aren't sure which end of the pocket watch to hold, this course will teach you how to be a successful professional hypnotist.  Topics covered in the course include:

  • Setting the stage for success with a good pretalk
  • Twenty different hypnotic inductions, each of which gets dissected and explained
  • How to know if you've got enough depth for what you intend to do
  • Basics of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and how to incorporate NLP into your hypnosis work
  • Proven strategies for dealing with the most common client issues, including
    • Smoking cessation
    • Weight loss
    • Stress management
    • Helping with fears, phobias, and anxieties
    • Hypnotic pain management
  • Tips and tricks for giving live presentations and demos
  • How to start and build a successful hypnotherapy practice
This is serious professional-grade training, but -- largely because I don't have to rent a physical classroom -- the tuition is only $1295, which includes your first year of NGH membership dues.  Email me to get on the student mailing list and find out more about it.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

TES Workshop Recap

I really should've posted about this before it happened.  My lame and vague excuse is mundane-life commitments and a Wiseguy project that's taking longer than I expected.  (More on that when it's further along.)

Yesterday sleepingirl and I put on our tag-team workshop for The Eulenspiegel Society in New York.  Fundamentally, it was the same plan we originally had for our October appearance in Amherst MA:  Erotic Hypnosis 101, followed by separate breakout sessions for tops and bottoms, followed by mentored practice time.  TES scheduled four hours for us.

TES does an amazing job at promoting and coordinating these events.  We had a full room (I didn't count heads, but it looked like between 50 and 75 to me), and the people were in a great frame of mind for learning and play.  We owe a huge thanks to ZanyM and Mephki for putting it together, to MrDream for his opening remarks and support, and to TES in general for being awesome.  ZanyM in particular found us a second room so that sleepingirl and I wouldn't be talking over each other during the breakout part of the workshop.

The feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive.  Sleepingirl was her usual awesome self.  I actually spent the practice hour working with a group of bottoms who had no tops, but fortunately several friends were on hand to help coach people during that hour.

After the event there was a small party at Mephki's apartment, where I got to make some new friends and discover kinky uses for a variety of seemingly innocent objects.  I would have loved to stay in New York longer, but I had obligations at home today and tomorrow.

Next time.