Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Study Guide Release Date

The Mind Play Study Guide is just days away from release.  The Kindle edition is available now for pre-order and will ship out on Monday, June 15th.  The print edition is already available for order on Amazon.

Inside this 400-page textbook are 27 self-contained lessons on the art of erotic hypnosis, ranging from the very basic Erotic Hypnosis 101 to advanced topics like mutual hypnosis and co-topping.  Here is a look at the Table of Contents:

  1. Welcome
  2. Tips for Presenters

    The Basics
  3. Erotic Hypnosis 101
  4. Safety and Ethics
  5. Starter Inductions
  6. Going Deeper
  7. The Language of Suggestion
  8. Fun with Modalities
  9. Your Hypnotic Self
  10. Being the Hypnotee

    The Next Level
  11. Testing and Convincers
  12. Confusion Inductions
  13. Setting and Using Triggers
  14. Fractionation
  15. Instant Inductions
  16. Hypnotic Favorites
  17. Long Distance Hypnosis
  18. More Inductions

    Kinky Human Tricks
  19. Arousal and Desire
  20. Sensation Play
  21. Hypno-BDSM
  22. Doll Play
  23. Memory Play
  24. Transformations
  25. Hypnotic Orgasms

    Advanced Lessons
  26. Dual Inductions and Co-Topping
  27. Consensual Non-Consent
  28. The Esdaile State
  29. Where to Go From Here

  30. Notes on the Discussion Points


  1. Will the book be on sale at Smashwords as the last book was? I prefer buying content that isn't DRM encumbered.

  2. @aml,

    The ebook is only available through Amazon this time, but I have a profound, visceral hatred for all forms of DRM so the Amazon edition is DRM-free.