Monday, March 17, 2014

NEEHU is Coming!

NEEHU 5 is less than two weeks away now.  Time to start getting excited!

For those who are unaware, NEEHU is the seminal erotic hypnosis event organized by the delightful Mephki and members of several local erotic hypnosis groups throughout New England.  This will be the fifth NEEHU, and it's been my privilege and pleasure to be at all of them, teaching and coaching and doing whatever else looks like fun at the time.

NEEHU draws people from all over the globe:  East Coast, West Coast, Canada, Texas -- heck, last year we had someone come all the way from Australia.  They come for the community, for the interactions, for the classes, and for the opportunity to meet and play with each other.

Looking at the schedule grid for this year tells me this is going to be exceptional even by the high standards set by previous NEEHUs.  The schedule has been expanded to include activities and classes during the day on Friday.  That means even more chances to learn from people like HypnoMaestro, Lady Ru'etha, Marc Cabot, Lee Allure, MrDream, ZanyM, Dr. Headcrash, Hypnobruce, and more.  I see several new-to-NEEHU names on the presenter roster as well; it will be exciting to see them in action.

As usual, I'll be doing a lot of teaching at NEEHU 5.  I'm on the schedule to do:

  • Hypnosis 101 (intro for beginners and the idly curious)
  • Kinky Human Tricks (popular uses of erotic hypnosis)
  • Deeper, Faster, Easier (tips and tricks to learn to go into trance more deeply and easily) 
  • Brain Overload (all about confusion and overload inductions)
  • Sleep Now! (Instant inductions)
  • All the Way Down (about taking people to very deep levels)
I'll also be participating in Marc Cabot's writing roundtable, hopefully at least one of the ethics panels led by HypnoMaestro, mentored trance practice, and assisting at the dual inductions practice session.  

When I'm not teaching I love to meet, talk, and play with people so if you see me between sessions please do chat me up.  And if you haven't got your NEEHU ticket yet, what are you waiting for?  ;^)


Friday, November 8, 2013

A San Francisco Treat

The first annual WEstern Erotic Hypnosis Unconference, or WEEHU, took place over this past weekend and I had the privilege of being there for most of it.  Yay!!

There were so many high points that it's hard to pick just a few.  Meeting up with Lady Ru'etha in Phoenix and flying together the rest of the way to San Francisco was definitely at the top.  Ru'etha is a dear friend and I loved seeing her happy and well cared for.

The WEEHU crowd was awesome.  I taught a lot, as I tend to do at these things:

  • Erotic Hypnosis 101
  • Your Hypnotic Self -- aimed at new hypnotists learning to develop their own style and technique
  • Kinky Human Tricks, of course
  • Deeper, Faster, Easier -- a new class I put together for WEEHU on how to get better at going into trance
  • It Takes Two -- Lady Ru'etha and I presented this together; it was about dual and mutual inductions
  • More Instant Inductions -- I hadn't actually planned on this but someone put it on the schedule so, in the Unconference spirit, I went with it.
As always happens at an EHU, I met some absolutely delightful new friends and got to catch up with a number of existing ones.  The play parties at the San Francisco Citadel were splendid, and we got to mix with some of the new members who didn't realize they were walking into an erotic hypnosis event.  And it looks as though HypnoMaestro and I will be hatching a joint project in the future relating to education; more on that when we're ready to talk about it.

My biggest regret is that I wasn't able to stay to the end.  I had to catch an early afternoon flight, which meant leaving WEEHU after the first class on Sunday.  So I probably missed a lot, but at the same time I know I'll see these good people again.  This is an amazing community we have.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Hypnotist is IN

Spent a lovely day today at FetFest 2013 hypnotizing people, catching up with friends, and generally enjoying the atmosphere.

For those of you unfamiliar, FetFest is an annual gathering of kinksters sponsored by the people at FetLife.  It takes place at a private campground in northern Maryland (the same location as Dark Odyssey: Fusion for those who've been), and it's basically a celebration of all things kinky.  Like Fusion, the camp is organized into villages for some of the more popular interests.  There is a Rope Village, a Bouncey Place (for littles), a Goddess Village (for those who revere women), etc.  And there is a Hypnosis Village, which this year is organized by the lovely and energetic LuckyAlbatross.

One of the features of Hypnosis Village is the Hypno-Booth.  There is generally always at least one hypnotist in attendance giving trances to anyone who is interested.  We take requests, or people can spin the Wheel of Hypnosis to choose from a variety of fun and sexy suggestions.  Today the Booth was staffed by HypnoGuru, Joyful007, LeeAllure, HypnoTodd, and myself.  My friends MrDream and ZanyM were also nearby, and it was great to see them again.   I also got to finally meet up in person with Darkside007, a long-time member of the MC Forum, and spend some time with him.

A highlight of the day for me was attending ZanyM's kinesthetic trancing class.  Zany demonstrated several silent inductions, using only physical rapport built through touch and intent to induce trance and bring the person back out.  LeeAllure and I practiced on each other, and later Zany worked her magic on me as well.  Zany's style is intense and moving; I blissed out and didn't really want to come back right away.

Tomorrow at 10:30am I'll be presenting Kinky Human Tricks in the Hypnosis Village.  We'll have a book signing after the class and then I'll be in the Hypno Booth again, trancing people for fun and pleasure.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Saturday Night with NEHG Boston

It was a lovely and entertaining Saturday evening, especially for me.  ;^)

Dani and I met up with MissIsis at our hotel and drove together to the home of stormhawke, who graciously agreed to host the talk.  The group was a mixture of old friends from NEEHUs and events past and new friends we made that night.

We began by discussing the Ericksonian concept of utilization, which simply means making use of the circumstances of the trance -- what's in the trancee's mind already and what the environment adds -- to facilitate things.  This could be as simple as acknowledging a background noise that may be distracting and instead turning it into a trigger to go deeper (very common, and quite useful in a play party or room trance), or as subtle as noticing that your partner's mouth twitches in a certain way when they become aroused and tying that twitch to increased obedience, arousal, or whatever you need for the scene.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mixing Business with Pleasure

This weekend (August 9-11) is the annual National Guild of Hypnotists convention in Marlboro, MA.  I'll be there in my Bruce Wayne persona, communing with my fellow wizards and earning the continuing education credits I need to keep my professional certification current.

While I'm in the neighborhood, I'll be sitting down with a small group from NEHG Boston on Saturday evening to discuss utilization, modalities, and sensation play.  RSVP's for the event are already closed, but we can always schedule another talk if there is interest -- join the New England Hypnosis Group (FetLife login required) on FetLife to stay informed and/or log a request.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Launch party recap

The launch party for Mind Play was Saturday (7/27) and it was everything I wanted it to be.

It started with a presentation sponsored by The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) Hypnosis SIG.  MrDream, ZanyM, and Mephki put it all together for me and TES got the word out.  As a result we had over 40 people in the room, almost all of which came in pairs.  We filled the room.  Mephki's introduction was appropriately embarrassing and sweet, and then it was my turn.

It turned out that a good half to two-thirds of the room were people who were new to erotic hypnosis, so I quickly altered the plan to make the talk more useful to them.  We covered some of the basics from Hypnosis 101 and then I taught a few inductions.  For Body Scanning and the Hand Squeeze, I demonstrated on a volunteer and then we had everyone practice with their partner (since just about everybody had a partner).  Then demonstrated Terence Watts's exquisite "Seven Plus or Minus Two" induction.  About half the room opted to go into trance for that.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The First 100!

Mind Play sold its 100th copy earlier today, not quite three weeks after it first went on sale.  I'm ridiculously excited at the milestone.

So far over half of the sales have been Kindle editions sold through Amazon.  Print copies are next, with Smashwords a distant third and Nook trailing.  (Really trailing -- there have been more copies sold to Amazon users in Germany than to the whole Nook world.)

This is even before the launch party this weekend in New York, which is very cool.  I haven't blogged about them yet, but I have two more appearances coming up:

  • Saturday, August 10th, in the Boston area 
  • Labor Day Weekend at FetFest in northern Maryland
At both of these appearances I'll be doing a talk ("Kinky Human Tricks" at FetFest), signing books, and I'll have some print copies on hand for direct sale.  (No, those copies aren't counted in the 100 because they haven't been sold yet.)  Plans are brewing for more road trips coming up, too.

A million thanks to everyone who's bought, reviewed, or talked about this book.  This has been a great personal and professional thrill, and it's only just taking off.