Thursday, February 12, 2015

Erotic Hypnosis at the Fetish Fair Flea

Besides Valentine's Day, this weekend is also the date for NELA's Fetish Fair Fleamarket in Warwick, RI.  In addition to the usual dizzying array of vendors and community groups in attendance, this year's Flea will also have an Erotic Hypnosis track among the classes.

Here's the lineup:

The weather forecast for this weekend in New England is nasty, but I hope you'll come join us.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Professional Hypnotherapy Training, 2015

That's right ... he's doing it again!  The professional certification course I gave in the fall went so well that I've decided to offer it again this spring.

The course is a 100-hour distance learning course in professional hypnotherapy.  At the end of the course those who complete the final (a practical exam/exercise, not a written test) will become professionally certified through the National Guild of Hypnotists.  NGH certification is the most widely recognized professional hypnosis credentials in the field.

Whether you've been hypnotizing people for years or aren't sure which end of the pocket watch to hold, this course will teach you how to be a successful professional hypnotist.  Topics covered in the course include:

  • Setting the stage for success with a good pretalk
  • Twenty different hypnotic inductions, each of which gets dissected and explained
  • How to know if you've got enough depth for what you intend to do
  • Basics of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and how to incorporate NLP into your hypnosis work
  • Proven strategies for dealing with the most common client issues, including
    • Smoking cessation
    • Weight loss
    • Stress management
    • Helping with fears, phobias, and anxieties
    • Hypnotic pain management
  • Tips and tricks for giving live presentations and demos
  • How to start and build a successful hypnotherapy practice
This is serious professional-grade training, but -- largely because I don't have to rent a physical classroom -- the tuition is only $1295, which includes your first year of NGH membership dues.  Email me to get on the student mailing list and find out more about it.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

TES Workshop Recap

I really should've posted about this before it happened.  My lame and vague excuse is mundane-life commitments and a Wiseguy project that's taking longer than I expected.  (More on that when it's further along.)

Yesterday sleepingirl and I put on our tag-team workshop for The Eulenspiegel Society in New York.  Fundamentally, it was the same plan we originally had for our October appearance in Amherst MA:  Erotic Hypnosis 101, followed by separate breakout sessions for tops and bottoms, followed by mentored practice time.  TES scheduled four hours for us.

TES does an amazing job at promoting and coordinating these events.  We had a full room (I didn't count heads, but it looked like between 50 and 75 to me), and the people were in a great frame of mind for learning and play.  We owe a huge thanks to ZanyM and Mephki for putting it together, to MrDream for his opening remarks and support, and to TES in general for being awesome.  ZanyM in particular found us a second room so that sleepingirl and I wouldn't be talking over each other during the breakout part of the workshop.

The feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive.  Sleepingirl was her usual awesome self.  I actually spent the practice hour working with a group of bottoms who had no tops, but fortunately several friends were on hand to help coach people during that hour.

After the event there was a small party at Mephki's apartment, where I got to make some new friends and discover kinky uses for a variety of seemingly innocent objects.  I would have loved to stay in New York longer, but I had obligations at home today and tomorrow.

Next time.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Class of 2014

This past weekend (November 22-23) marked the conclusion of my first professional certification class.  As of now, there are twelve newly-certified professional hypnotherapists ready to start offering their services.  I didn't ask permission to name them, so I won't, but if any of them want to announce themselves, either in comments here or somewhere else, I'll help spotlight them.

I have to say, the class was a lot of work.  Each of the 25 instructional units had to be designed and planned from scratch, and I've been making notes since the first day on how to do it better next time.  The group was incredibly patient as we worked through our technical glitches and always ready to offer suggestions and to bring new things to the table for everyone's benefit.  That all by itself was a magical thing.

With all that work done and improvement ideas noted, it would be a shame not to make use of it.  So there will definitely be another online professional certification class in the spring.  It will probably start in April, after NEEHU 6, and run through June.

I'm unspeakably proud of everyone in this group.  Some of them had a lot of prior hypnosis experience from doing erotic mind play and had to make some adjustments to adapt their style to vanilla hypnotherapy.  They all made that adjustment well, and the sometimes-grueling final exams (they had to do a live hypnotherapy session with a volunteer client) proved to me that these are some fine hypnotists in and out of the dungeon.  It's an honor to be their teacher.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

So ... as you probably noticed from the last couple of short posts, it was a busy weekend for me and sleepingirl.  Now, I have time for a more relaxed description of what went down.

Our first official stop was at a college in Amherst, MA.  (I'd love to plug them, but the contract they had me sign actually forbids me doing so without written permission, which I neglected to get.  There are several colleges in Amherst.)  We were invited by a student group that promotes education and healthy discussion of sexuality, kink, and related issues.

We found the venue without too much confusion and met our hosts, then proceeded to set up the space.  Our plan was to do a three-part program.  First, I would do Erotic Hypnosis 101 for the whole group.  Then we would divide the group into tops and bottoms and have sleepingirl take the bottoms to another room for a talk on negotiation (from the bottom side), safety, and being a better hypno-bottom while I worked with the hypnotists on negotiation from the top, safety and ethics, and tips and tricks for developing your hypnotic style and presence.  Then we would rejoin the groups for some mentored practice time.

Things didn't quite work out that way.  The space really only had one room of usable size, so we hastily planned out how to manage that.  Then the turnout was a lot less than we were expecting because of a schedule conflict (Parents' Weekend), so it turned into a much smaller group than planned.  That actually helped, because it made it very easy to tailor our presentations closely to the interests of that group.  For example, most of the group were switches, so we abandoned the split-up-into-two idea and simply took turns discussing aspects from both sides of the watch.  The group was curious and full of great questions so we did a lot of demonstration and Q&A, and because they were much younger than the usual EEHU audience they didn't have a lot of first-hand experience, so we spent more time on basic techniques like different types of inductions.  In the end, while we didn't do a lot of what we originally planned, we did give them what they needed and everyone left happy.  I'm looking forward to returning in the spring.

The next event on our schedule was at The Society in Hartford CT.  The Society is the venue for NEEHU, of course, so I'm very familiar with the space.  The staff were wonderfully welcoming and a lot of good friends were there -- DaSade, sleepingirl and cckitten, AmHypnotic and MentalConfetti, LeeAllure, CalamityBrain, Decordazon, MrDream and ZanyM, Setsudo, and more.  The Master Charles room filled up with people, most of whom I did not know.  That meant I would be introducing new people to the erotic hypnosis community, which is always exciting.

The topic for the night was Subtle Suggestion:  Combining NLP and Hypnosis.  It's one that I've done a couple of times now but is still very much a work in progress.  For the Society, I expanded the NLP material and did some simple exercises with the group before moving into the integration with hypnosis.  The crowd was great; they participated, they played, they were lively and interested, and we had a great time.  An exhausted sleepingirl was kind enough to be one of my demo bottoms (she knows how much I love playing with her mind), and I was fortunate to meet Mistress Rheea and do some demonstrations with her as well.

As it happens, one of the people who came to that class was Enlightenment14 (FetLife name).  We talked before and after class, and he arranged for me to do a guest spot on Valley Free Radio (WXOJ, 103.3FM) the very next morning.  I called in and talked to Rick Haggerty for about 30 minutes about erotic hypnosis, the community, and of course Mind Play.  We didn't actually get to the NLP aspects, but from what I've heard so far the community who heard the broadcast was pleased.

If you didn't hear it, you can download or stream the audio of that show from their archive site.  My spot is during the second hour, from 9:15 to 9:45 (which would be 1:15-1:45 of the recording).

It was a great weekend.  Sleepingirl is a rock star for all the right reasons -- she is frank, very sharp, supremely talented, and really understands the nuances of being kinky, bottoming, and teaching.  I loved co-presenting with her, and I hope we can do it more often.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

More weekend coolness!

Sleepingirl's and my visit to Amherst went delightfully well -- so much so that I fully intend to return to Amherst next year.  They are a great group of people.

We had a fantastic turnout at The Society for my NLP and Hypnosis class, which was a further-developed form of my "Subtle Suggestion" class.  It was great to reunite with dear friends that I see far too infrequently, and to start hatching a few plans for the interval before NEEHU 6 in March.

As it happens, I'm squeezing in one more appearance while I'm in town.  One of the people who came to class tonight invited me to be a guest on Valley Free Radio for tomorrow morning's "Kickin' It for Peace, Culture, & Education" show.  The show runs from 8-10am Eastern time; I will be on during the 9-10 hour talking about erotic hypnosis and NLP.  The station streams online, so if you aren't in the Florence, MA area you can listen through the website.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This Weekend

I'll be in New England this weekend (October 25) doing two appearances.

First, in the afternoon, the always-delightful sleepingirl and I are doing a 3-hour erotic hypnosis workshop for edu.kink, an organization in Amherst, MA that does weekly workshops on various aspects, of sex, sexuality, and kink.  We'll be presenting Erotic Hypnosis 101, then splitting the group so that sleepingirl can give specific advice to hypnotees while I do the same with the hypnotists.  Then we reunite the groups for mentored practice time.

Next, we drop in on The Society in Hartford, CT for an evening class on erotic NLP and hypnosis.  This is a class I've done at MEEHU and WEEHU 2, and it's still evolving so it will be different from either of those.  The class takes place during a play party (I believe we start at 9pm but I'm not positive), which is open to members of the Society and their escorted guests.  There is a door fee of $20 for non-members, who must have a member with them.

Can't wait to see New England again!