Wednesday, September 6, 2017

New and Improved

The revised 2017 edition of Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis is now available on Amazon in print and Kindle editions, and on Smashwords.

If you already own Mind Play this is still the same book, but I’ve taken the opportunity to fix some things that have been bothering me and others:
  • Complete rewrite of the Ethics section to meet modern community standards, which have evolved a lot since 2013.
  • Updated the Resources chapter to include new events, sources, and communities that didn’t exist back then.
  • Went through the entire book, from the Obligatory Warnings and Disclaimers on, to make it more inclusive for people of all genders, body types, and abilities.
  • A bunch of typos that slipped past my eyes have been hunted down and corrected.
I could not have done this without the help of Daja and SpiralTurquoise, so if you like the changes please give them credit. If you see something I should have changed but didn’t, I’ll own that and we’ll fix it in less than four years.

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