Saturday, June 10, 2017

My TES Fest Agenda

The draft schedule for TES Fest 2017 is up.  Here are the classes I'm teaching at the event:

Induction Starter Kit (Friday 6/30, 5:15pm)
New hypnotists often find themselves relying on memorized and/or scripted inductions, which sucks a lot of the fun out of hypnotizing people.  This class is all about some basic inductions that are built from simple processes that are easy to learn and replicate, without any reliance on "magic" wording or complex manipulations.  Good for anyone who struggles with inductions or wants to learn some new ones.  

Making It Stick (Saturday 7/1, noon)
A lot of hypnotists find that sometimes it's hard to get a suggestion to really take hold in their partner's mind.  In this class I'll explain some of the reasons this can happen, demonstrate techniques for helping to seat suggestions in your partner's mind, and discuss what to do when, despite your best efforts, the suggestion still doesn't seem to work as intended. 

Deeper, Faster, Easier (Sunday 7/2, noon)
Being hypnotized is an ability that improves with skill and practice. This session is for those who want to be better at going into trance, either for themselves or when playing with a hypnotist. Attendees will learn and practice practical tips and exercises for going into trance more easily, more deeply, and more quickly for any hypnotist they choose to play with.

Hypnotic Anesthesia and Enhanced Sensation (Monday 7/3, 3:45pm)
Learn how to use hypnosis to control and alter your partner's body sensations.  We will discuss and demonstrate techniques to reduce sensation (anesthesia) as well as to enhance and manipulate it, all for fun and erotic purposes.

Mind you, there are lot of other awesome presenter teaching hypnosis classes at TES Fest.  Look through the schedule and you'll see:
  • Zany Danger
  • MrDream
  • D'Artagnan
  • Baron Voltage
  • Jaden
  • Pinky
And that's just the hypnosis-related presenters -- there is a whole more to explore and enjoy at TES Fest.  Hope to see you there.


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