Monday, January 23, 2017

Sturm und Drang

It's been a heck of a new year so far, hasn't it?  Let's start with the good stuff.

Charmed! 2017

If you were one of the almost 220 people who attended Charmed! 2017, you know how well things went.  If you weren't, make it a point to join us next year because you missed a lot!

Some of the highlights for me included:
  • Having Lady Ru'etha and Jukebox with us; it was SO good to see them!
  • Hearing from so many people at the event about what a great time they were having
  • The Sunday UnConference
We've gotten a ton of great feedback on the classes, but there is still time to add yours.  Just go to the Charmed! 2017 Online Schedule Grid and find a class you want to comment about -- each class name is a link to a feedback form specific to that class.

Winter Wickedness 2017

If you live anywhere near central Ohio, I hope you'll come out to Winter Wickedness 2017 (February 3-5 in Columbus, OH).  This will be my first time at Wicked, and I'm told to expect nothing but a blast.  I'm doing two classes ("All the Way Down" and "Erotic Hypnosis 101") and hoping to introduce a lot of new people to safe, responsible hypnokink.

And then there's the not-so-good stuff ...

FetLife Betrayal

You probably already know that FetLife arbitrarily destroyed hundreds of groups and fetishes whose names contained certain words that FetLife felt were linked to nonconsensual or dangerous behavior and were allegedly responsible for the loss of their merchant accounts, which they need to take credit card payments.  One of those forbidden words is hypnosis.  In one evening FetLife carpet-bombed our community and destroyed most of the online history we had accumulated to that point, and we've been promised that FetLife's censors will be back soon to eliminate more material that relates to the forbidden concepts.

Since FetLife clearly does not want our participation (or, it seems, the advertising revenue and donations that come with it) anymore, community leaders are mobilizing to get alternate communication channels into place.  

For starters, take a good look at HypWatch which started up about a year ago and is run by well-known members of the community.  

To keep informed on the upcoming erotic hypnosis events, visit regularly, as well as the individual event websites for (in date order):
This community is strong; as long as we keep communicating we can keep growing.


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