Monday, May 25, 2015

The Mind Play Study Guide

I'm almost finished with my next big project:  The Mind Play Study Guide.

This 400-page book expands on the material in Mind Play, adding new techniques, new topics, and new approaches that I've picked up in the two years since the first book came out.  Much of the new material is geared toward intermediate and advanced hypnotists and hypnotees.

Each chapter in the Study Guide is a self-contained lesson on one aspect of erotic hypnosis including presenter notes, discussion questions, and exercises to practice the skills in the chapter.  If you are looking for a textbook to learn erotic hypnosis, this format will serve you well because you can take the book at your own pace and know that each new chapter stands apart from the others.

If you are part of a local erotic hypnosis community group, the Study Guide is designed to make your life easier by providing presentation content.  If you need a topic for an upcoming meeting, or your planned presenter has to cancel on short notice, you can pick a lesson from the Study Guide and have a one-hour Wiseguy class by proxy.  There's even a lesson on teaching skills, based on my "The Art of Teaching Hypnosis" class.

The Study Guide format also lends itself to use by a study group, of course.  Group members can review the chapter, then meet to compare thoughts, talk over the discussion questions, and do the exercises to practice those new skills right away.

The Mind Play Study Guide will be available in paperback and Kindle editions.  Kindle Unlimited subscribers will be able to read the book as part of their KU subscription and it will be listed in the Kindle Online Lending Library.  Barring unexpected complications, it should go on sale in June.

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