Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Recap and Looking Forward

It was a very busy weekend for me in my Bruce Wayne identity, but the highlight of my weekend had to be "More Than Meets the Eye," the class I gave for NELA and NEHG-Boston on Saturday evening.

The class was about hypnotic transformations -- taking a willing hypnotee and temporarily turning them into someone or something else.  There are some classic transformation types such as bimbo/dumb jock, robot, doll, animals and such that are very popular, so I went into a fair level of detail on the sorts of things one needs to consider when turning a partner into these things and what types of suggestions work well.  Then, it was demo time.  I was expecting to do some basic animal, robot, and maybe bimbo transformations.  My audience surprised me in delightful, happy ways.

My first volunteer asked to become an action figure; in the process of designing the character for this action figure -- a super-villainess named Dramatic Pause, thanks to some creative suggestions from my audience -- I forgot to make her a doll and instead she actually became Dramatic Pause, with a distinctive speech pattern and commanding demeanor.  We played out a scene in which she was interviewing a candidate (me) for a lead henchman position, only to throw me over in favor of VulpineSpike, who put on a very impressive dance performance on her command.  (I should note for the record that VulpineSpike was NOT hypnotized as part of this.  He actually is an impressive dancer.)

Next, we had fun turning another volunteer into a mannequin, posing her a few ways, and slinging an extra jacket over her shoulders for effect.

The last demo -- and it's a good thing it was last, because I don't know how we could have followed it -- my volunteer was a little unsure of what she wanted to play.  We were sort of thinking cat, sort of thinking bimbo, but she wanted to be tough and smart and slutty rather than dumb.  Thanks to some input from our audience she became Knight, a hard-drinking, hard-talking, slutty fighter pilot determined to get a promotion by coming on to her squad commander (me) and then leaving him high and dry once he caved in.  Knight played her role beautifully, bragging about her combat prowess and high scores on the strategy exams, the moving on to her sexual conquests of Klingon women.  When the squad commander questioned her talents compared to the Klingon women's, Knight pulled down her top and put two of her outstanding "talents" on display, thus winning the promotion.

(Side note:  Knight's "talents" is now a fetish on FetLife.)

We had an awesome time all around.  NELA and NEHG did a great job of putting this on and taking care of the logistics.

Schedule Changes

The event at the Society that had been tentatively planned for Labor Day weekend has been postponed until next year some time, so that will not be happening yet.  However, I am now booked to do an appearance at the FOCUS Group in Minneapolis, MN on Saturday, September 19th.  By request of the group I'll be doing an extended version of Kinky Human Tricks.  There is a teaser post on FetLife which will be followed by details.

And of course I'll also be at WEEHU 2015 in October!


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