Sunday, September 6, 2015

Coming This Fall

There's a lot going on in the next few months.  Here are some highlights:

Mind Play, the Event

Happening September 19th in Minneapolis, MN and organized by The FOCUS Group, the Minneapolis/St. Paul erotic hypnosis group (FetLife link).

For this event I'll be doing an extended version of my "Kinky Human Tricks" presentation, which is focused on all the fun, sexy, cool things you can do with someone after you get them into trance.  I'll also be autographing books for anyone who asks and taking part in the dinner and play party after the presentation.  It's going to be a lot of fun.

WEEHU 2015

WEEHU is coming to Belmont, CA this coming Columbus Day weekend (October 9-11).  It's a new venue, with everything happening in one place, and that's exciting!  My lovely bride Dani and I will be co-presenting on dual inductions, and I'm also hatching plans to co-teach a class on resistance play with Dr. Headcrash, which is something I'm really jazzed about doing.

You can still get tickets for WEEHU from their registration site, but hotel space is very short.  You might want to do it quickly.

Charmed! 2016

Registration is now open for Charmed!, a new erotic hypnosis event happening in Baltimore this coming January 15-17.  The event is sponsored by Black Rose and the DC area Black Rose Hypnosis SIG, who invited me to join the organizing team.  

Charmed! will feature classes, play time, and plenty of opportunities to practice what you learn.  I'm looking now for people who'd like to present for us, so contact me on Fetlife or through the Charmed! website Presenters page.

Registration for Charmed! closes December 31, so register and book your hotel rooms now.

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