Sunday, January 18, 2015

TES Workshop Recap

I really should've posted about this before it happened.  My lame and vague excuse is mundane-life commitments and a Wiseguy project that's taking longer than I expected.  (More on that when it's further along.)

Yesterday sleepingirl and I put on our tag-team workshop for The Eulenspiegel Society in New York.  Fundamentally, it was the same plan we originally had for our October appearance in Amherst MA:  Erotic Hypnosis 101, followed by separate breakout sessions for tops and bottoms, followed by mentored practice time.  TES scheduled four hours for us.

TES does an amazing job at promoting and coordinating these events.  We had a full room (I didn't count heads, but it looked like between 50 and 75 to me), and the people were in a great frame of mind for learning and play.  We owe a huge thanks to ZanyM and Mephki for putting it together, to MrDream for his opening remarks and support, and to TES in general for being awesome.  ZanyM in particular found us a second room so that sleepingirl and I wouldn't be talking over each other during the breakout part of the workshop.

The feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive.  Sleepingirl was her usual awesome self.  I actually spent the practice hour working with a group of bottoms who had no tops, but fortunately several friends were on hand to help coach people during that hour.

After the event there was a small party at Mephki's apartment, where I got to make some new friends and discover kinky uses for a variety of seemingly innocent objects.  I would have loved to stay in New York longer, but I had obligations at home today and tomorrow.

Next time.


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