Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Saturday Night with NEHG Boston

It was a lovely and entertaining Saturday evening, especially for me.  ;^)

Dani and I met up with MissIsis at our hotel and drove together to the home of stormhawke, who graciously agreed to host the talk.  The group was a mixture of old friends from NEEHUs and events past and new friends we made that night.

We began by discussing the Ericksonian concept of utilization, which simply means making use of the circumstances of the trance -- what's in the trancee's mind already and what the environment adds -- to facilitate things.  This could be as simple as acknowledging a background noise that may be distracting and instead turning it into a trigger to go deeper (very common, and quite useful in a play party or room trance), or as subtle as noticing that your partner's mouth twitches in a certain way when they become aroused and tying that twitch to increased obedience, arousal, or whatever you need for the scene.

To illustrate the point a little more clearly, we moved into modalities.  We talked about ways to tell whether someone is visual, auditory, or kinesthetic (or something else, or more than one) and how to take advantage of that knowledge to make inductions and suggestions more effective.

Throughout all of this, there was a bit of a floor show going on.  The lovely and extremely talented sleepingirl was part of the group, and I felt that I owed her a bit of extra attention to thank her for the glowing review of Mind Play she posted on her blog.  So while I was lecturing and demonstrating these things, I also periodically fired off one of three triggers I had given her at the start:

  1. Each time I touched my nose, she felt herself being licked in a very intimate, arousing way.  
  2. Each time I snapped my fingers, she felt herself being struck on the ass by a dragon tail (something she'd posted about on FetLife recently as being particularly painful/hot for her).  Later in the session I triggered my wife Dani to experience a jolt of erotic pleasure every time sleepingirl yelped.
  3. Each time I made eye contact with her and said "now" her mind would receive an erotic suggestion from me -- a suggestion that she would find sexy/arousing to be given under those circumstances -- and be compelled to carry it out.  (The suggestions came from her own subconscious, of course; even I didn't know what they were.  Most of them seemed to result in an orgasm, though.)
From modalities we moved on to some sensation play.  We had a young lady there, marylisse, who had never been hypnotized before and who bravely volunteered for a demonstration.  She was a natural -- she followed the Dave Elman induction beautifully and was so zonked out that I didn't even need to finish the induction, though I did for illustrative purposes.  First we played with reducing sensation, via the standard numbing of the hand and then pinching it hard.  Then we moved to enhancing sensation.  The reactions from marylisse were outstanding:  sharp gasps, moans, awesome facial expressions, and ultimately a very genuine, protracted orgasm.  It was an honor to be her first hypnotist.

At this point it was time for some group participation.  I took another volunteer, happy4evaRN, and demonstrated the suggestions for the memory game "Pop Quiz" from Mind Play.  She was also delightfully responsive.  At one point I had LeeAllure asking her questions, which she answered, only to find herself unable to answer the exact same question seconds later when asked by me.  The group then broke up into pairs and played the game to get practice.

By the time we finished the group practice it was getting late.  I signed a bunch of books for people and we called it a night.  But it was by far the best night of my NGH weekend.

Thanks to everyone who made it happen, and to sleepingirl for enduring my mischievous antics.


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