Monday, March 17, 2014

NEEHU is Coming!

NEEHU 5 is less than two weeks away now.  Time to start getting excited!

For those who are unaware, NEEHU is the seminal erotic hypnosis event organized by the delightful Mephki and members of several local erotic hypnosis groups throughout New England.  This will be the fifth NEEHU, and it's been my privilege and pleasure to be at all of them, teaching and coaching and doing whatever else looks like fun at the time.

NEEHU draws people from all over the globe:  East Coast, West Coast, Canada, Texas -- heck, last year we had someone come all the way from Australia.  They come for the community, for the interactions, for the classes, and for the opportunity to meet and play with each other.

Looking at the schedule grid for this year tells me this is going to be exceptional even by the high standards set by previous NEEHUs.  The schedule has been expanded to include activities and classes during the day on Friday.  That means even more chances to learn from people like HypnoMaestro, Lady Ru'etha, Marc Cabot, Lee Allure, MrDream, ZanyM, Dr. Headcrash, Hypnobruce, and more.  I see several new-to-NEEHU names on the presenter roster as well; it will be exciting to see them in action.

As usual, I'll be doing a lot of teaching at NEEHU 5.  I'm on the schedule to do:

  • Hypnosis 101 (intro for beginners and the idly curious)
  • Kinky Human Tricks (popular uses of erotic hypnosis)
  • Deeper, Faster, Easier (tips and tricks to learn to go into trance more deeply and easily) 
  • Brain Overload (all about confusion and overload inductions)
  • Sleep Now! (Instant inductions)
  • All the Way Down (about taking people to very deep levels)
I'll also be participating in Marc Cabot's writing roundtable, hopefully at least one of the ethics panels led by HypnoMaestro, mentored trance practice, and assisting at the dual inductions practice session.  

When I'm not teaching I love to meet, talk, and play with people so if you see me between sessions please do chat me up.  And if you haven't got your NEEHU ticket yet, what are you waiting for?  ;^)


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