Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Professional Training This Fall

I mentioned back in the spring that I was planning to offer a professional hypnotism "boot camp" style certification program in late July.  Well, it's time to make it official.

Professional Hypnosis and NLP Boot Camp Online

If you want to become a certified, professional hypnotist and can devote an entire week to study, practice, and training, then mark you calendar for the first week of August.  

From July 31 through August 7, I'll be teaching my combined National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming (NFNLP) professional certification course in a boot camp style format.  Each day we will spend most of the day in classroom format, using lecture and discussion, and then toward the end of the day we will practice the skills presented in that day's class time.

The course covers, in depth, the following topics:
  • History and nature of hypnosis
  • Over 20 different inductions
  • Techniques for assessing and increasing depth
  • Formulating and delivering suggestions
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Understanding Neurolinguistic Programming and how it dovetails with hypnosis
  • Understanding human behavior and methods for modifying it
  • Recognizing and handling abreactions
  • Hypnotic regression
  • Parts therapy
  • Strategies for using hypnosis and NLP to help clients with:
    • Stress management
    • Fear and worry/anxiety
    • Smoking cessation
    • Weight loss
    • Improving sleep
    • Academic performance
    • Pain management
  • Establishing and running your professional hypnosis/NLP practice
Students who complete the course and pass the final exam will be certified with both the NGH and NFNLP.  These credentials are widely recognized in the field and are sufficient in most jurisdictions to begin a professional practice. 

To make this training available to a wider audience and to keep the cost down, the course will be held online via Cisco Webex.  We will "meet" virtually for the classroom work, and then each participant will need a volunteer for the practice time.  I will monitor and observe the practice via webcam/mic to give suggestions and feedback.

In order to participate in this course, you will need:
  1. A working computer running OS X or Windows with a comfortable headset, speakers, and a reliable, decently fast Internet connection (wired is best for reliability).
  2. The ability to devote an entire week, including the enclosing weekends, to the course.  Because of the compressed format, there really isn't any opportunity to make up missed material.
  3. A demo volunteer that you can practice with every day.  It doesn't have to be the same person each day; variety is good.
  4. A volunteer "client" for your final exam, which is a practical in which you will conduct a complete start-to-finish hypnotherapy session for a real issue that your volunteer wants help with.
Your investment for the program of $1295 covers your class tuition, books and materials, and includes your first year of membership in NGH and NFNLP, along with all of the benefits that go with that.  Financing options are available.

To take part in this compressed program, contact me by email ( before July 15, 2016.

Online Professional Hypnosis and NLP Training (weekend format)

If your schedule doesn't suit the boot camp format, my next weekend course will start up at the end of August.  This course covers the same content as the boot camp, but spread out across 10 weekend days to make it easier to fit into a modern busy schedule.

As with the boot camp, class is conducted online via Webex; you will need a suitable computer, volunteers to practice on, and a "client" for your final exam.  The same $1295 covers tuition, books, materials, and your first year's membership in NGH and NFNLP.

The actual class dates will be set once we have a full group so that we can minimize schedule conflicts, but the general timeframe will be between 8/27 and 10/30.  Contact me by email ( by July 31 to confirm your seat.

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