Friday, August 15, 2014

A Night with Sex Nerd Sandra

Last night (August 14th) I did my first live interview.

The host was this amazing lady:  Sandra Daugherty, aka Sex Nerd Sandra.  Her podcast, which is carried on The Nerdist Network, covers all things sexy and fun.  If you aren't familiar with Sandra's work, you have a lot of catching up to do -- 150-plus episodes.  Do it; it will be enlightening and fun at the same time.

Last night Sandra recorded a new podcast episode on erotic hypnosis at The Pinch, a club in northwest DC, in front of a live audience.  Thanks to a couple of friends from the local Black Rose hypnosis SIG who made the introduction, I was Sandra's main guest for the evening.

We had a blast.  Sandra asked some great questions about the basics to get us started, and then moved into some of the things she's been curious about.  We talked about NLP and speed seduction, about consent and the hidden observer, and about the kinds of things people do with erotic hypnosis.  My loving Dani came up for a short demonstration, which Sandra narrated for the podcast audience, and answered questions about her experiences as a hypnotic bottom.

Next my friends Tish and Gavin came up to talk about how they use erotic hypnosis in their relationship.  Some amusing stories of minor mishaps and great "A-ha!" moments ensued, and then we wrapped up with some questions from the audience.  After the recording part ended we trooped upstairs, where we answered more questions and hung out with the guests until it was time to go home.

For me, and seemingly for those who were there, it was an awesome time.  Sandra is truly remarkable:  smart, articulate, curious, playful, sexy ... everything you could ask for in a sex nerd and then some.   Binge listen to some of her recent podcasts while you wait for ours to come out and you'll see what I mean.


  1. Hi mark, my name is paula.
    i found out about you and erotic hypnosis through sex nerd sandra, yes, she is the bubbliest teacher one can dream of!
    now, i remember you mentioning an online class on erotic hypnosis and i am very much interested in this. could you direct me?
    thank you, paula ( powpowpie at hotmail dot com)

    1. Hi, paula!

      I talked about a couple of things with Sandra. The erotic hypnosis teaching I mentioned was WEEHU, which is happening in San Francisco the last weekend of September (see for details). There is an admission cost to get into WEEHU but once you're in the classes are included, and there's LOTS of them.

      The other class I mentioned is my NGH Certification course. This isn't an erotic hypnosis class; it's a full-length, comprehensive course in professional hypnotherapy that I'm doing online. That class is full, but if that's what you're looking for I'll be offering it again next year.