Saturday, September 6, 2014

WEEHU preview and other fun things

WEEHU is just around the corner!

The second annual WEstern Erotic Hypnosis Unconference will be held again at the Citadel in San Francisco.  It is not too late to get tickets for this event, though it may be too late to get a room at the same hotel.

One of the things WEEHU has done this year is recruit a wider array of presenters and topics.  I'll be there, of course, doing a half-dozen classes or so, but you will also see lots of Dr. Headcrash, HypnoMaestro, Lady Ru'etha, Felix Krull, LeeAllure, Professor X, Max, SweetGasp, sleepingirl, Max, DJ Pynchon, and others.  It's going to be incredibly exciting.

This WEEHU will feature the presenter debut of my wife, Dani Fantom.  She and I will co-present the session on dual inductions, in which we will double-team several willing volunteers into trance nirvana.  Having Dani share the stage with me is something I'm very much looking forward to.

Other fun things ...

Last month, with all the other things going on, I forgot to mention that I was doing another Live Learning class on Hypbook called "Hypnotizing the Analytical Mind".  That class is available for listening on Hypbook in the learning library.  My friend HypnoMedia will be doing a class on September 17th on "History of Erotic Hypnosis."  HM is the hypnokink community's leading historian and media expert, so this will be well worth attending.

My NGH Certification course is full, and will occupy a lot of my non-WEEHU time between now and the end of November.  When we finish, 12 shiny new hypnotists will be ready to start practicing professionally.  Yay!

Sleepingirl and I are also hatching a plot or two for the weekend before Halloween (that would be October 25 and 26).  We will be doing classes for edu.kink in Amherst, MA and then appearing together at The Society in Hartford, CT.  

The New England Hypnosis Group and I are working with NELA to bring an extended class to the Boston area in December.  More details on this as we work them out.

Play safe and have fun!!


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