Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This Weekend

I'll be in New England this weekend (October 25) doing two appearances.

First, in the afternoon, the always-delightful sleepingirl and I are doing a 3-hour erotic hypnosis workshop for edu.kink, an organization in Amherst, MA that does weekly workshops on various aspects, of sex, sexuality, and kink.  We'll be presenting Erotic Hypnosis 101, then splitting the group so that sleepingirl can give specific advice to hypnotees while I do the same with the hypnotists.  Then we reunite the groups for mentored practice time.

Next, we drop in on The Society in Hartford, CT for an evening class on erotic NLP and hypnosis.  This is a class I've done at MEEHU and WEEHU 2, and it's still evolving so it will be different from either of those.  The class takes place during a play party (I believe we start at 9pm but I'm not positive), which is open to members of the Society and their escorted guests.  There is a door fee of $20 for non-members, who must have a member with them.

Can't wait to see New England again!


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