Monday, July 29, 2013

Launch party recap

The launch party for Mind Play was Saturday (7/27) and it was everything I wanted it to be.

It started with a presentation sponsored by The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) Hypnosis SIG.  MrDream, ZanyM, and Mephki put it all together for me and TES got the word out.  As a result we had over 40 people in the room, almost all of which came in pairs.  We filled the room.  Mephki's introduction was appropriately embarrassing and sweet, and then it was my turn.

It turned out that a good half to two-thirds of the room were people who were new to erotic hypnosis, so I quickly altered the plan to make the talk more useful to them.  We covered some of the basics from Hypnosis 101 and then I taught a few inductions.  For Body Scanning and the Hand Squeeze, I demonstrated on a volunteer and then we had everyone practice with their partner (since just about everybody had a partner).  Then demonstrated Terence Watts's exquisite "Seven Plus or Minus Two" induction.  About half the room opted to go into trance for that.

Next, we went into some "Kinky Human Tricks."  Again, it was see-one-do-one, so that everyone who wanted to got a chance to practice.  (I'm a big fan of this approach; I think it's much more useful for the audience than just listening to me talk.)  First I did a group induction and gave everyone who chose to participate the "Pleasure" trigger from the book.  As you'd expect with a large group, reactions varied, but there were quite enough people who responded well that I had fun saying the trigger frequently and enjoying the squirms and sighs for the rest of the talk.

After "Pleasure" we did a variation on the "Simon says" trigger -- instead of a phrase, though, I opted to do it as the Jedi Mind Trick.  People had a lot of fun with this one when they tried it out on their partners.

At this point time was running low, so we did a couple of orgasms.  First I demonstrated the Five Point Palm Exploding Orgasm Technique, and then the Hand Stroke, both of which are in Mind Play.  I offered the audience the chance to play with those, but they opted out, which is fine.

After the talk and Q&A, I moved to the table at the back where I signed copies of Mind Play for people.  My lovely Dani and Mephki helped out with the sales.  We managed to bring everything to a close right on time.

The festivities then moved across town to Mephki's place.  A lot of the people from the class came over and the play party began in earnest.  MrDream and I played with minds and talked hypnosis for a while, then at Mephki's request I brought out my NovaPro and took a series of people for a spin.  From the back room we heard slapping, happy crying out, gasps and moans.  As the ASSTR reviewer Celeste used to say, a good time was had by all.

I can't say enough good things about TES, or about my partners in crime Mephki, MrDream, and ZanyM.  It was also wonderful to see so many other friends from far and wide, and to make so many new ones.  You might say it was a distinct "PLEASuuuuuuuuuuure!"  ;^)


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